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Welcome to SarbaGyan- the Indian fact site!

SarbaGyan covers interesting, admiring, unknown and important 
facts about well known person, famous places, wild life, and science and technology etc. The facts in SarbaGyan are very short and straightforward because we know that in our day to day 
life we don't have enough time to read a long article, that is why 
we prepare SarbaGyan to give you maximum knowledge in a short time. 

    SarbaGyan started in 2017 and its main objective is to give you knowledge from every expect and in less time. There are thousands of fact sites in the internet but SarbaGyan is different from those and will help you in learning lot of information without spending more time. We are adding new contents daily and you can even join us contributing articles. In case, if you find any mistakes or facts that no longer true, then please contact us so that we can change that. Thank you.

SarbaGyan team.