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Are You Excited To Know 10 Cool Facts About iPhone?

The demand of iPhone is increasing dramatically due to its numerous advanced features and functions. The CEO of Apple launched this amazing device and also changed the thoughts of people about a Smartphone.

Here are some cool and interesting facts about iPhone which you didn’t know.

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     1.    Apple owned more than 200 patents regarding the technology of iPhone.

     2.    Samsung manufactures the processor of every iPhone that is really shocking.

     3.    The profit more than 90% of Smartphone industry is reaped by Apple.

   4.    Users will always find the picture of Bono which is a lead singer of rock band U2 in iPhone. 
     5.    The most expensive part of an iPhone is its retina screen.

     6.    The developers earn more than $20 billion from the App Store.

    7.    Sale of more than 1 million iPhone 4s models was the real success behind Apple in the Smartphone industry.
     8. Apple's App Store is the first place to legally download an app for free or for a fee.

9. This is most amazing to know that Apple has owned more than 200 patents relating to iphone.
     10. Apple is the world's most valuable brand. Apple's brand is worth $119 billion.

After knowing such facts you might be get amazed and also excited to find much more things about this awesome creation of the developers.

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