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Check Out The 10 Amazing Facts About “Stars”

Scientists and even common people always want to know more about stars which we see on clear nights as twinkling in the sky. There are some interesting things to enhance your knowledge about stars.

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    1.    Stars don’t twinkle but we can see them blinking sometimes due to turbulence in the sky.

    2.    The color of stars tells about their temperature.

    3.    There are more than 100 to 200 billion stars in the galaxy.

    4.    Stars are the black body that’s why they don’t reflect radiation. 
5.    All stars are of different colors but we can’t see them with our naked eyes.

    6.    Sun is called as the closest star to the earth but actually, it is 4.24 light years away.

    7.    Every star is the result of a common mixture of same stuff.

    8.    The light of star takes more than millions of years to reach our eyes.

    9.    Most of the stars which we see are bigger and brighter than the sun.
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Such awesome facts help you to know better about the mystery of stars and also to understand some important things.

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