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10 Interesting Facts About Facebook

The craze of Facebook is increasing rapidly because of its versatile features. You can look up some interesting facts in upcoming points.  

     1.    According to the DNS database, Facebook holds no.1 rank in, the most blocked websites.
     2.    60 billion photos were uploaded by the users of Facebook in the end of 2010. 

     3.    Facebook will consider you as a perish person if you cannot open your account in few months.

     4.    The proportion of fake users on Facebook is 8.7%. 

     5.    The first major investor of Facebook was Peter Thiel, who is the co-founder of PayPal.

     6.    People cannot use Facebook in China because it has been banned since 2009.

     7.    Facebook is counted in the most famous online advertisement platforms.

     8.    Videos are the most uploaded content type on Facebook as compared to photos.

     9.    Facebook rejected the proposal of yahoo to merge.

    10. Users of Facebook are prohibited to block Mark Zuckerberg.  

Moreover, there are many other interesting and astonish facts about this amazing social networking website, which becomes a phenomenon.  

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  1. The article is short but I like it, it's time saving.