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Let’s know “10 Interesting Facts About India”

India is equipped with talented and creative people. There are many wonderful inventions which India has introduced to the world. It is also rich in culture and here are some significant facts related to this unique nation.
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      1.    Takshashila is world’s first University which is located in the northwest region of India in earlier times. It had 300 lecture halls include laboratories and library.
      2.    India is the world’s largest milk producer country.
      3.    In the time of imperial Guptas, India gave crystallized Sugar to the world, which is produced from sugarcane.  
      4.    India is the first who taught the way to cultivate jute to the world.
      5.    415 languages are spoken in India which proves that this nation is multilingual rather than other kingdoms.   
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      6.    India’s ISRO discovered water on the moon in September 2009.

      7.    The Taj Mahal is counted in the 7 wonders of the world, which is situated in Agra Uttar Pradesh, India. 
      8.    After USA, India holds a great position in speaking English.
      9.    Aryabhata has given zero to the world which is used in arithmetic operations.
     10. National anthem of Bangladesh is written by Rabindranath Tagore who is an Indian.

Moving further, there are much more things which makes India different and one of greatest countries in the world.

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