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Learn 10 astonishing facts about China

China holds 3rd position in the list of largest countries and after the USA, it is the one who has the largest economy in the world. There are a plethora of astonishing facts which are related to China and some of them are describing below.

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 1.    People of China speak a plethora of languages such as Yue, Xiang, Wu, Mandarin, Gan, and much more.

       2.    In China, they cut twenty million trees every year in order to make chopsticks.
       3.    People of China are restricted to access Facebook because it has been banned since     2009.

       4.    Twelve animals can be seen in the Chinese Zodiac.

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       5.    When anyone writes his/her name in Chinese language then he/she has to put the       family name before first name.
       6.    China introduced Soccer to the world around 1000 B.C. according to some historians.

       7.    Cricket fighting which is the most popular amusement located in China.
       8. China has the Second largest economy in the world after USA.
        9. Chinese is the first in the world to use chemical and gas weapon.
       10. China has the world's largest population with 1.4 billion people.

Furthermore; China also invented paper, gunpowder, compass and many other things. You can grab more information with the help of some specific sources.

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