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10 Interesting Facts About Microsoft

We are living in the most advanced era, where many multinational technology companies create history. A famous company called Microsoft is also flashing on the apex. Here you can read some facts about it.
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      1. Bill Gates founded Microsoft together with Paul Allen in 1975.

      2.   In order to increase the productivity of staff, Microsoft has to add, a huge collection of artwork.

 3.    Microsoft spent about 300 millions of US dollars for advertising their Windows 95 in August 1995.

      4.   In 1983, the first hardware (mouse) was made by Microsoft and that mouse had two buttons along with a wire.

      5.   An amazing motion-sensing X-Box controller is made for scans the skeletons in order to identify players, which is also developed by Microsoft.
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Employees of Microsoft enjoy drinks on campus and they don’t have to spend an extra dollar for this service.

     7.   Pizza is a preferred food item of employees of Microsoft and it is available in the cafeteria, which is fully fledged.

     8.   190 companies have earned by Microsoft. 
     9.   Microsoft files 3000 patents every year and already holds 10000 patents. Microsoft also gives rewards of $1500 to employees for holding a patent.

     10. Drinks are free for employees in Microsoft. There are varieties of drink, they can freely choose what they want.

Well, many facts are already covered, which are unforgettable, but there are many other facts making Microsoft a great one. 

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