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“7 Interesting Facts About Animal” - Enhance Your Knowledge

The world is filled with a huge variety of animals and it is also impossible to count the number of species present on the earth. Everyone knows that there are different new animals that are introduced every year.
Now I am going to discuss some interesting and unknown facts about some specific animals.
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     1.    Sheep eat some specific plants to cure their illness and they also known to self-medicate.

     2.    Elephants can smell the water from a very long distance you can’t imagine.

3.    The amazing fact about knowing the happiness or sadness of a dog is the direction in which he moves his tail.

     4.    Cows together are best friends and they also get depressed when they are separated.
     5.    Rabbits are able to detect the predators from every direction with their 360* panoramic vision.

     6.    The heart of pigs are used in human heart transplants, really it is interesting.

     7.    Penguins have knees as like the human beings.  

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You might be surprised after knowing such mentioned facts that are really interesting and amazing too. 

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