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11 Crazy Facts About America- What’s Excited?

U.S.A. has the largest economy in the world and it is also considered as a strong nation. Now I am going to describe some crazy facts about America.
     1.    U.S. has the largest air force in the world.

     2.    College athletes who are just students treated like celebrities.

     3.    America doesn’t have any official national language.

     4.    Kids can smoke legally but they are restricted to buy cigarettes.

     5.    The average people of America do each job for 4.4 years.

     6.    In America, 40% of all babies get birth by unmarried women each year.

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     7.    Americans are strictly restricted to walk on their hands.

     8.    Medical errors are one of the biggest reasons of death in the U.S.
     9.    U.S. treasury has lesser money than Apple Company.

    10. McDonald gives employment to one out of every eight people in the U.S.

    11. A mustached man is prohibited to kiss a woman in public.

Moving further; there is also other great and astonishing facts and beneficial information about America. 

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