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10 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

Switzerland is a rich country situated in Europe. Switzerland has some rules and regulations which made the country unique from others. Let's know some interesting facts related to Switzerland.

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     1. There are approximately 7000 lakes in Switzerland which also include small water bodies. 
     2. In Switzerland bank tellers are protected by bullet proof glass.
     3. Teaching is the highest paying occupation in Switzerland. The teachers get an average of $68000 annually.
    4.  In Switzerland, a group of citizens can change or reject the laws passed by parliament by gathering 50000 signatures against the law within 100 days.
    5.  Unlike other countries, Switzerland has square flag. There are only two countries which have square flag, one is Switzerland and the other is Vatican city.
    6.   In Switzerland, dog owners have to pay dogtaxes annually to its government.

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    7.   There are four official languages in Switzerland. They are- German, Romansh, French and Italian.
    8.    Half of the world’s watches are made in Switzerland.
    9.   Dog and cat meat is legal to eat in Switzerland and many people used to eat regular basis.

   10.   Switzerland is abbreviated CH because the official name of Switzerland is ‘Swiss Confederation’ and in latin, it is Confoederatio Helvetica. 

  Besides those, there are many thing interesting related to this unique nation which make anyone crazy to visit the place.

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