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10 Interesting Facts About The Sun

The sun is a mysterious star situated at the center of the solar system. Scientists are always trying to find new things about this huge star. Let's know some interesting facts about Sun.

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1. the sun is a perfect sphere.

2. the sun is travelling at 220 km per second.

3. It takes 8 minutes for lights to reach the earth from the sun.

4. the atmosphere of the sun is consist of three layers which are
photosphere, chromosphere, and the corona.

5. Over one million earth could fit inside the sun.

6. The sun's energy travels outwards.

7. The sun makes up around 99% mass of the solar system.

8. The sun's age is about 4.5 billion years old.

9. Approximately 110 earth could fit inside the surface of the sun and around 13,00,000 earth would fit inside the sun.

10. NASA launched two spacecraft in october, 2006 to watch the activity of the sun and give 3D view of the sun's activity.

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