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6 Interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai is a most rapidly developing city of United Arab Emirates. Dubai has some unique features which make you surprise. Below are some interesting facts about Dubai.

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1. Dubai is a safe city with 0% crime rate. Crimes in Dubai is much lower than any other city.

2. The official religion in Dubai is Islam.

3. Burj Khalifa, the tallest bulding of the world is situated in dubai. Its height is 2722 feet and can be seen from 90 km away.

4. Dubai is situated in a very stable zone where there is no risk of earthquakes or tsunamis.

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5. Muslim are not allowed to drink alcohol. Only non-muslims 
are allowed to drink alcohol. They can drink only in hotels or 
restaurants that are licensed.

6. Dubai is Constructing a city within city. Dubai is  a fast growing 
city and it always tries new and unique methods. Now Dubai is 
making city withing the city which will be able to control the
climate. The residents will never feel that they are in a desert but 
they feel like they are in some other places.

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