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7 Interesting Facts About Apple Inc.

Apple inc. is an american multinational company situated 
at California in U.S. Let's know some interesting facts about this wonderful incoration.

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1. Apple inc. is founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 to develop and sell 
personal computers.

2. Apple purchased retina display for its ipads from samsung.

3. Apple introduced the first digital color camera.

4. Apple has a non-smoking ban. If user smoke simultaneously working at the apple computer, it will void the warranty.

5. Apple has patent for slide to unlock feature and it sued samsung 
for infringing it.

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6. Apple has 80000+ employees all over the world working for the company.

7. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple Inc to save the company from bankruptcy.

Besides these facts, there are many more interesting things to know about the corporation which will be updated in the future.

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